The so-called point-press procedure is used for the preparation of pipes for the manufacture of point drawing for a subsequent drawing process. In this case, the tube is reduced to a previously defined diameter by means of hydraulically driven tools.

Benefits of the KROLLMANN pipe point and point drawing presses:

Ease of use

Low maintenance

Low-wear and quickly replaceable tools

Short cycle times

Reduced noise workflow

KROLLMANN pipe point presses of the types HRA 4/10 – 4/150 Thin-walled tubes with point drawing are primarily processed with hydraulic pipe pointing presses. They are available in both upright and suspended configuration; their central closing tools are suitable for the whole point area.

KROLLMANN point presses HRA 40/30 – 300/400 For the cold and hot points of thick-walled pipes Point presses of the type HRA 40/30 – 300/400 are produced and are provided with four pairs of press tools.

All models in this series can additionally be equipped with notching device, oil injection, mandrel slot (KOD) and cutting device. The operating mode can be semi- or fully automatic for all models.

and can additionally be equipped with induction heating.