KROLLMANN builds machines for roll-forming processes in which two or more rotating tools (rollers) form flat or profiled products.

    KROLLMANN produces machines whose milling head is fitted with carbide inserts, which are used for chipping production of drawing points on round, square and hexagonal material.

    KROLLMANN produces machines for wire forming and adds supplementary complex systems and units for the straightening and cutting of wires.

    KROLLMANN builds devices and system solutions for the transport and separation of wires, rods and tubes.


    KROLLMANN provides commissioned work for the milling, turning, grinding and eroding of metal workpieces as well as the creation of construction drawings for building machines.


KROLLMANN stands for development, research and innovation in all areas of planning, design and production.

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Our Procedures

KROLLMANN develops, designs and builds machines for all applications in the fields of rotary swaging, and the drawing, straightening and sharpening of metal pipes, metal rods and wires.

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Our Service

KROLLMANN offers other machine manufacturers the ability to build machines according to their own design plans.

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Present at international trade fairs

KROLLMANN presents from April 16-20, 2018 at Wire, Düsseldorf. Informations will follow.

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In use worldwide

KROLLMANN machines are found in over 80 countries on all continents. Please find our international sales offices here.

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Tradition und innovation since 1885

solutions made in germany since 1885
Solutions made in Germany since 1885
In more than 80 countries around the world, KROLLMANN machines provide the wire industry with the promise of quality: Made ​​in Germany!

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