KROLLMANN develops, designs and builds systems for the transportation and straightening of wires.

The emphasis is thus in the area of ​​customer- and solution-oriented planning, design and production of highly complex systems.

For KROLLMANN quality management, it is crucial to consider the process of wire drawing as a entire process which equally takes into account both the quality testing of dies as well as the consideration and examination of the entire system periphery (e.g., straightening works).

Basically, systems can be manufactured with mechanical or hydraulic straightening works in horizontal and vertical planes.

KROLLMANN pre-straightening and process devices (VA): Machines of this type are used for wire straightening and pre-transportation to a milling machine, drawing machine or cold heading press.

KROLLMANN pre-straightening and process devices (VA): Machines with mechanical and hydraulic straightening works are manufactured in both the horizontal and the vertical plane. The pre-transport of the wire to downstream machines and also the failure-free wire process is guaranteed by means of the most modern, variable-frequency drives.

KROLLMANN pre-straightening and process devices (VA./2): So-called double pre-straightening and process devices enable simultaneous pointing and processing of the wire.