With the point rolling procedure, wires or rods are prepared through point pulling for a subsequent drawing process. Here, a wire or a rod (round and flat profiles) is reduced in diameter along a defined length by means of rotating rollers.

KROLLMANN point rolling machines (SWG/DWU) are used for the production of point pulling on round, square, flat and similar profiles. The DWU machines can also be equipped with a bending device (RA) and even with a vertical pair of rollers (+V) when pointing is omitted then the wire ring turns. Additional equipment with scissors (-/S or /SFL) is possible for flat material.

KROLLMANN point rolling machines (STW) are used for large dimensions. They can be fitted with hydraulic drive (-/h), central adjustment, rollers (+ZW) and with automatic feeding and loading device according to each customer’s needs.

KROLLMANN point rolling machines (NOWA) These machine types, fitted with hydraulic roller, can pivot the body about 90° from a horizontal to a vertical position.