The point-milling method is used to set up wires or rods (round, square and hexagonal material) in preparation for drawing points for a subsequent drawing process. By means of rotating blades, pre-straightened wires or rods are thereby reduced in diameter through metal cutting along a definite length.

KROLLMANN point milling (FM/FMD) These machines are manufactured in various model series and sizes. These robust machines are optionally provided with saws (-/S), an additional straightener (-/R), driving base (-/f) or even in an extended version (-v) up to a max. 2,000 mm tip length.

All cutting heads used are equipped with carbide reversing plates. By means of a frequency converter, the spindle speed can be adjusted to the optimum cutting value according to the wire diameter.


KROLLMANN Special Application: Use of the automatic milling machine for the manufacture of automated plane and beveling machines.