KROLLMANN DWU-3-01/H+V + SWG-2/S/f rollpointing machine for wires and bars from Ø 5,0 to Ø 18,0 mm

KROLLMANN VA 35 special pay-off for wires from Ø 15-36 mm up to 1000 MPa

KROLLMANN Full automatic mill pointing line for stainless steel bars from Ø 20 mm up to Ø 75 mm

KROLLMANN EHM-4/150 eccentric swaging machine for producing chisels and special tools with a forging power of 150 KN

KROLLMANN VA-50_2 + FMD wire pay-off and point milling machine for steel wire from Ø 20 mm to Ø 46 mm

KROLLMANN Forging unit for chisels including induction heating

KROLLMANN FMD-2 mill pointing machine for bars & wires from Ø 14 - 50 mm

KROLLMANN Sawing fixture for aluminium profiles automatic mode

KROLLMANN HM-5 (4/R) swaging machine for continuous swaging of special alloys from Ø 42x250 mm - Ø 6x12000 mm

KROLLMANN FMD-4/H mill pointing machine for bars & wires from Ø 15 - 100 mm including separating unit

KROLLMANN HM-25 (4/S-R) swaging machine for bars & wires & tubes from Ø 3 - 25 mm

KROLLMANN HM-65 (4/R) swaging machine for compacting of steele ropes from Ø 10 - 60 mm

KROLLMANN Standard roll pointing machine

KROLLMANN HM – 25 (4/S-R) Swaging machine für bars & wires & tubes from 3 – 25mm_ die zweite

KROLLMANN WOP - 20 oscillating roll pointing machine für bars & wires

KROLLMANN DWU 5 H hydraulic roll pointer the power of 30.000 Nm torque

KROLLMANN HRA 3 70/700 Hydraulic tube pointing press up to Ø 70mm(2.8“)

KROLLMANN GZM-(4/4) Straight line drawing machine combined with SWG-2 roll pointer für wires with a diameter up to 4mm

KROLLMANN Feeding and Straightening Systems for wires, TVA-20/H+V Transport and straightening unit with pre-descaling for wires of Ø 8 – 22 mm

KROLLMANN NOWA-4 hydraulic roll pointing machine with swiveling head for wires up to Ø 40 mm

KROLLMANN VA-20 wire decoiler for wires of Ø 13-20 mm

KROLLMANN HM-45 (4/S) for hot swaging of steel bars from Ø10 mm to Ø 50 mm

KROLLMANN FMD-2-1000/E/Z/S full automatic mill pointing machine for bars & wires from Ø 14-50 mm

KROLLMANN TVA-20 Hydraulic feeding & straightening device for wires of Ø 8-20 mm

KROLLMANN FMD-0-900_E_Z_T_F full automatic mill pointing machine for bars and wires from Ø 8-30 mm

KROLLMANN HM-3 (4_S-R) Swaging machine for continuous swaging of special alloys from Ø 20x500 mm to Ø 4x12500 mm

KROLLMANN AM 1 chamfering unit for bars with a range of Ø 10-50 mm with roller table unit for lengths of 3-12 meters.

KROLLMANN VA-35 wire decoiler unit combined with full automatic mill pointing machine FMD-2 from Ø 13-35 mm

KROLLMANN GZM-20-150 drawing bench to point wires, drawing power 150 kn on a length up to 2.300 mm

KROLLMANN Straightening and cutting line from coil to bar adjustable length – 200 mm to 700 mm max. Ø 24 mm